Are you looking to build or expand your credibility in the marketplace?

Do you have important issues to communicate to the public or your employees?

Are you launching new products or services that you would like to promote?

Do you have happy customers who are willing to endorse your products or services, but difficulty launching a customer program to support your business?

I can help you raise positive awareness; strengthen your relationships with customers, media, employees, distributors, suppliers, and key influencers; and increase sales.

Working with SV Communications provides you with many benefits:

  • I can extend the capabilities of your in-house marketing or public relations staff by delivering significant expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional in-house resources or large, expensive agencies.

  • If your organization does not already have an in-house marketing or public relations staff, I can provide you with targeted services or a full suite of services for less than the cost of hiring an in-house resource of the same high caliber, or a large, expensive agency.

  • By hiring SV Communications, you can be sure that I will work on your account. I don't employ "bait and switch" tactics by substituting junior associates for the seasoned professional(s) you thought you were hiring.

  • I offer a diverse set of services with a significant amount of creativity.
  • I treat you as a partner and act with the utmost integrity in your behalf.

My capabilities include:

  • Corporate Image Development
  • Reputation Management
  • Community Involvement
  • Media and Industry Analyst Relations
  • Special Events/Promotions
  • New Product and Service Introductions





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